ISA Talk Podcast – Rainer Hirt about functional sounds and the principle „sound follows function”

Today we are launching our new podcast format: ISA Talk. In this format we invite interesting guests who also follow our vision to #MakeTheWorldSoundBetter to give their insight on different fields of the audio industry.

In our first ISA Talk episode Kai Bronner (Managing Partner) and Birgit Elke (Head of Communications) talk to Rainer Hirt, founder of audity, who gives insight into the impact of functional sounds.

During the talk, which we recorded a couple of days ago remotely from our home offices, Rainer explains what audity’s guiding principle “Sound follows function” means and what it implies for their work. Further, we had a closer look into one of their areas of expertise: sound for medical devices.

And, talking about MedTech and devices for intensive care units, we also learned what the corona virus sounds like.

You can listen to the Episode on our website here. You can also find the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here and on Spotify here.