ABA Services

ABA Services

The Audio Branding Academy offers a variety of services for audio branding, sound design, and music related projects. With our network of experts from the fields of musicology, psychology, psychoacoustics, branding and marketing, we provide a wide range of services, including:

Workshops and seminars

We organize workshops and seminars for your company or organization, develop agendas and find the right expert speakers.

Academic education

The Audio Branding Academy regularly offers educational training and gives lectures at several Universities like the Humboldt University Berlin, the Uni­versity of Popular Music and Music Business Mannheim or the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Market research, musical and sound listening tests

How do consumers judge sounds? How do they relate to musical pieces? What associations are elicited? On any particular music and sound related topic we can deliver a full experimental study, including test design, implementation and execution, statistical analyses, and literature review. We also provide consulting services with certain parts thereof.

Bibliographies and summaries

If you are looking for a thorough literature research on a particular subject, we can provide you with comprehensive bibliographies and compact summaries of the existing scientific and journalistic texts on the topic.

Musical and music semiotic analyses

You are looking for a professional musicological analysis of a song or a tune? You want to assess the inherent musical meanings of a piece and know where they come from? We offer in-depth music semiotic analysis using a procedure based on methods of free verbal and visual association, hypothetical substitution and archeology of musical semiosis.

Expert witness reports on copyright infringement issues

Cover versions, samples, and borrowed melodies are of high relevance for creative and economic aspects in today’s music business. However, the use of pre-existing musical material can often lead into uncertain and difficult legal areas where advice from a music expert is necessary. We offer a comprehensive and professional service in all instances and situations regarding music copyright, such as plagiarism and sampling from pre-existing recordings. Our own software “Simile” for melodic similarity assessment based on music psychological experiments enhances our analysis to new levels of objectivity.

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