Categories International Sound Awards 2024


Our mission

Make the world (sound) better! We are looking for the best solutions and concepts that contribute to this motto. By awarding and promoting innovative projects, products and services, we intend to draw attention to the importance and the effective use of sound. Whereas sound is understood in a broad sense, i.e., including music and voice.

Our overall criteria for the Awards

Innovative, smart, or useful solutions and concepts.
The International Sound Awards honour the worldwide best works with the “Better Sound”, “Winner” and “Grand Prix” prizes. The Awards will be presented for the following categories.

1. Product

All designs involving digital or acoustic (mechanical) product sound, Audio Soft- and Hardware, Musical Instruments, Functional Sound, Sonic User Interface, 3D-Sound, Auditory Display, Sonification, Augmented (Sound) Reality, Virtual (Sound) Reality.

2. Research & Development

Outstanding scientific work and developments. Studies should be substantially completed. Development should have reached prototype status with proof of concept.

3. Life & Society

3.1 Soundscapes and Ambient Sound
Acoustic concepts and design for public spaces, e.g. exhibitions, museums, airports, train stations, hospitals, shopping malls etc.

3.2 Health
Concepts and solutions to enhance health and well-being.

3.3 Universal Design
Sound design concepts for products, services, buildings and environments that contribute to inclusion and accessibility as well as to the enjoyment of life through aesthetic expression.

3.4 Social & Culture
Intelligent and innovative concepts and solutions that make an important contribution to society and culture.

3.5 Noise Protection
Projects for noise protection and the preservation of silence as well as intelligent and innovative application in products and services.

4. Corporate Communications

4.1 Audio Marketing
Marketing projects that integrate sound in an essential way. In contrast to audio branding, the sound does not have to serve brand-building purposes. The projects should demonstrate the advantage of an intelligent and innovative application of sound.

4.2 Audio Branding
Audio branding cases that show a strategic branding approach and a clear audio branding methodology.

5. Game Audio

All elements and aspects of Game Audio like Sound Design, Music, Voice, UX/UI are considered.

6. Voice and Audio Dialogue

Voice Cloning, Voice Control, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Management, Text to Speech Systems (TTS), Speech Recognition etc.

7. Services

Innovative services around sound and music.

8. Sound Art

Intelligent and innovative projects that contribute to the mission „Make the world sound better!“

9. Startups

Convincing sound and music business models by startups.