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In our ISA Talk podcast format, we invite interesting guests who also follow our vision to #MakeTheWorldSoundBetter and ask them what they are doing to achieve this. 


ISA Talk – Cherie Hu about the latest trends in music tech

In this episode, Birgit Elke talks to Cherie Hu.
Cherie is music business journalist and expert in many fields regarding music tech and audio innovations. To keep the podcast at a reasonable length we focused the interview around three major topics: Musical AI, Artist Marketing & Fan Interaction and VR music experiences. Cherie gives some great insight into the current state of the fields, points out where they’re still lacking innovation and where their development and the music business in general will be heading in the years to come.

Cherie Hu’s articles we talked about in the podcast:

– How Music Generated by Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping – Not Destroying – The Industry

– What’s The Actual Business Case For Virtual Reality In Music?

If you would like to learn more about Cherie Hu`s work check: https://www.cheriehu.com


ISA Talk – Karlheinz Brandenburg about the mp3 standard and 3D sound

In this episode Kai Bronner (Managing Partner) and Birgit Elke (Head of Communications) talk to Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg – one of the driving forces behind the mp3 audio standard – about his experiences developing the standard that broke the music industry.
In the talk he compares different ways of implicating 3D-sound and gives his take on the most exciting developments that are happening in the market at the moment.


ISA Talk – Emma Rodero about the most important characteristics of human speech

In this episode Kai Bronner (Managing Partner) and Birgit Elke (Head of Communications) talk to Emma Rodero who gives us more insight into the field of voice and speech in audio formats.

In the talk, Emma explains the most important characteristics of human speech and gives her expert opinion on what kind of voice to choose to target your audience. We also learned why Alexa and Siri are female and explored the reasons why synthetic voices won’t take over synchronization soon.

If you would like to learn more about Emma Rodero’s work check: http://emmarodero.com


ISA Talk – Rainer Hirt about functional sounds and the principle „sound follows function”

In this first ISA Talk episode Kai Bronner (Managing Partner) and Birgit Elke (Head of Communications) talk to Rainer Hirt, founder of audity, who gives insight into the impact of functional sounds.

During the talk, which we recorded a couple of days ago remotely from our home offices, Rainer explains what audity’s guiding principle “Sound follows function” means and what it implies for their work. Further, we had a closer look into one of their areas of expertise: sound for medical devices. And, talking about MedTech and devices for intensive care units, we also learned what the corona virus sounds like.

If you would like to hear and learn how the corona virus sounds like check: https://coronavirus-sound.com
For more information about audity check: https://audity.co