Elena Lebedeva from fashion brand O’STIN about Audio Branding in Russia

Elena Lebedeva from the fashion brand O’STIN will give a keynote address together with Vladimir Kozlov, CEO from DigiSky, with the title “Before Pushing ‘Play’: Audio Branding in Russia” at the Audio Branding Congress 2013. The main goal of the presentation is to help the audience gain insight on the current state of the audio branding industry in Russia.

Elena Lebedeva  will present the client’s point of view. What do Russian clients understand through audio branding? What do they expect from audio branding agencies? And what objectives do they pursue by the conscious use of sound, silence and music in branding context? Vladimir Kozlov will share general facts of the audio branding industry in Russia from a sound agency point of view. He will cover features, the state and the future of the industry in Russia.

About Elena

Elena Lebedeva received a first diploma in Psychology. During her study she was specializing in psychological aspects of advertising. Later Elena received diploma in Strategic marketing. Starting as a Marketing manager in B2B, later in 2006 she moved to fashion retail business and started work as a head of store concept and standarts department. Fashion brands Elena developed are MODIS – affordable apparel supermarkets, Centro – fashionable shoes and accessories stores, FUNDAY – affordable apparel and accessories for whole family. She implemented in her store concepts some innovations in digital signage field. For example, the most innovative in Russia digital Centro store was opened in 2011 in “GOROD” shopping mall, where were implemented severall innovative ideas from EuroShop 2011. Now Elena is responsible for the O’STIN company’s store formats development, like as O’STIN, O’STIN Kids, O’STIN Discount, FUNDAY.