Audio Branding Congress 2013



Sound Opportunities

The Audio Branding Academy is very pleased to announce that the next Audio Branding Congress will take place in Moscow on November 28th, 2013. We are very happy for the wonderful support of our host, the National Research University – Higher School of Economics, one of the leading and most progressive universities in Russia. Further organizational support is provided by the Institute of Musicology and Media Studies at Humboldt University Berlin and our Moscow based partner DigiSky.

We invite you to visit this fascinating country and promising market, where we will focus on the topic “Sound Opportunities”. This topic can be interpreted either in the research context of “prospects for new sound applications”, or in an economical context as “good chances” for business in Russia and Eastern Europe. All in all, it is about future trends in research, product development, brand communications and business with the sophisticated use of sound and silence.

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