Audio Branding Academy Yearbook 2009/2010 Published

In November 2009 the first international Audio Branding Congress took place in Hamburg, Germany, and brought together audio branding experts and interested people from all over the world. This event was a great success and marked a turning point for the heretofore highly fragmented audio branding industry. We are glad to announce that the Audio Branding Academy Yearbook 2009/2010 is now published. It contains the proceedings of the Audio Branding Congress and includes articles about the congress and its presentations. Moreover, participants of the Congress panel discussion describe their experiences in the audio branding industry and highlight certain aspects that are of particular importance.
Among the authors are luminaries like John Groves (Groves Sound Communications), Prof. Carl-Frank Westermann (MetaDesign/University of the Arts, Berlin), Ruth Simmons (soundlounge), Julian Treasure (author of the book Sound Business), and Walter Werzowa (Musikvergnuegen). Additionally, the Audio Branding Academy Yearbook includes an international directory of audio branding suppliers.
This year will mark the second Audio Branding Congress. After very positive feedback for the congress in 2009 and raising international awareness throughout the industry, in 2010 there will be an even extended lecture program. The final program and speakers will be announced within the coming weeks.

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