Submission details

Submission Details International Sound Awards 2019


Please find here an overview of relevant information for the International Sound Awards 2019.

Key dates

  • Submission period: from 4th February to 31st May 2019. All submission material must be entered by 31st May 2019.
  • Judging: June 2019
  • Notification of nominees: in July 2019 via email
  • Publication in the online gallery: July 2019
  • Award ceremony: 19th September 2019 during the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg


  • Better Sound 2019: Nominated works will be honoured
  • ISAbell Winner: Especially smart, innovative and useful works will be honoured
  • ISAbell Grand Prix: Outstanding works will be honoured


Submission fee : 300,- Euros

Early Bird: Until March 15th we offer 20% discount on submisson fees.

Cases can be submitted in more than one category. For every additional category a fee of 100 Euros will be charged. Transportation and travelling expenses must be carried by the applicant if, in exceptional cases, a submission must be sent for assessment. Following services are included:
  • Examination of the submitted material
  • Preparing material for the jury
  • Processing information for the online gallery
  • Processing information for other communication
Per case on nomination (regardless of number of categories): 400,- Euros
Nomination comprises following services:
  • Entry in the Nominees Online Gallery
  • “Better Sound 2019” badge for own communication
  • Entry in the Yearbook
  • A copy of the Yearbook
  • Certificate “Better Sound 2019”
  • Complimentary tickets for the Award Show
  • Mentioning in communication channels like press releases, newsletters, facebook, twitter, etc.
Award (Winner or Grand Prix) per category:  300,- Euros
The honouring with an Award comprises following services:
  • Entry in the Winners Online Gallery
  • “Winner/Grand Prix” badge for own communication
  • The presentation of the trophy at the venue
  • Video interview
  • Winner certificate
  • Professional winner photo at the venue
  • Mentioning in communication channels like press releases, newsletters, facebook, twitter, etc.

Nominees get the chance to present their project at the ‘ISA Sessions’ on September 18th. The  Sessions are part of the official Reeperbahn Festival Conference program. Fee for a presentation is 300,- Euros.


We give discounts on submission and winner fees for nonprofit organizations and mere student projects (only involving students). The submission fee is 100 Euros regardless of categories entered. In case of winning an award, 150 Euros per category will be charged. Fees for nomination are waived.


All fees are subject to VAT. Submissions are valid and admitted for judging only after payment has been received. Payments can be made by wire transfer or PayPal, credit cards are not accepted.

General requirements

  • Projects must have been put into practice
  • Category Research & Development: Studies should be substantially completed. Development should have reached prototype status with proof of concept
  • All submissions must be entered online
  • Submission material must be in English

Submission material

  • Abstract (350 characters)
  • Project description (3,000 characters)
  • Detailed information on outset, idea, concept, solution procedure, results
  • Credits
  • Presentation images
Optional, but highly recommended:
  • Case film (max. 120 seconds)
  • Award video (max. 30 seconds)
  • Further supporting material (formats: PDF, MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG4, AVI, MOV, PNG, JPEG, TIFF )

Judging procedure

All correctly and timely submitted applications will be presented to the jury. The jury consists of internationally known experts from the categories listed for the award. Overall criteria for the judges are: Smart, innovative and useful sound solutions and concepts, whereas sound is understood in a broad sense. Applicants will receive a written notice on the results from the jury. The jury’s decision is final.

Terms & Conditions


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