Let Your Skin Do The Listening

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Let Your Skin Do The Listening



FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is designed and engineered in Finland. Flexound team started the work in 2015 to help autistic and disabled children by adding the sensation of touch to music. The versatile, globally unique technology can be embedded into cushions, cinema and car seats, gaming chairs, furniture and more.
Flexound is the only company in the world that can add the sensation of touch to music, games, movies and VR allowing you to both hear high-quality surround sound and feel the distributed physical vibration of the sound waves. They integrate their patented Flexound Augmented Audio™ module into e.g. cushions, cinema or car seats, furniture, gaming chairs and more.

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Mervi Heinaro – CEO and co-founder, FLEXOUND Augmented Audio

Mervi has strong international business and leadership background in various industries, such as McKinsey & Company, Metsä Group and Baltic Beverages Holding. Mervi has over 20 years of commercialization, sales and marketing experience in demanding B2B and B2C positions.