Podcasts – International Sound Awards 2017

International Sound Awards 2017 – Podcasts


It was an exciting and eventful evening in the Hamburger Gruenspan club when on September 21 the winners of the first International Sound Awards were announced.

Altogether 15 works were on the shortlist, five of which were honoured with the „ISAbell“ trophy – some winning in several categories. The winners from Brazil, Sweden and Germany had convinced the international jury with their sound projects from the fields of Audio Branding, Digital Product Sound Design, Research & Development, Ambient Sound, Social & Culture, Health and Universal Design. Learn more here.


No. 94 – 7th of June 2017

In this podcast, ISA2017 jury member Herwig Kusatz lets us know about his relation to sound.


No. 93 – 30th of May 2017

Hear in this podcast what ISA2017 jury member Steffen Holly has to say about his relation to sound and the International Sound Awards.


No. 92 – 26th of May 2017

In this podcast, ISA2017 jury member Daniel Hug talks about the sound of everyday life products and the relevance of sound thinking among others.


No. 91 – 18th of May 2017

Besides her expertise in sound and radio, jury member of ISA2107, Emma Rodero, is a specialist in the field of voice. Hear what she has to tell us about her background and expertise and her passion.