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To submit your project for the International Sound Awards 2024, please read the Submission Details, the Terms & Conditions and fill out the application form below. Note that your application is binding. On receipt of your application, you will receive an email with an invoice, a link to the submission form and further information.

All submission material must reach us by 8 May 16 May 2024 at the latest. Submissions after this date cannot be considered.


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    The submission fee of 300 Euros includes one category. For each additional category 100 Euros are charged.

    1. Product

    2. Research & Development

    3. Life & Society

    3.1 Soundscapes and Ambient Sound
    3.2 Health
    3.3 Universal Design
    3.4 Social & Culture
    3.5 Noise Protection

    4. Corporate Communications

    4.1 Audio Marketing
    4.2 Audio Branding

    5. Game Audio

    6. Voice & Audio Dialogue

    7. Services

    8. Sound Art

    9. Startups

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