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Pibox – remote audio collaboration solution



Pibox is a unique online audio collaboration solution. It helps audio production teams to work remotely worldwide without an impact on the creative process and content quality. Pibox is a place for the next masterpiece to be born because proper collaboration flow is key to perfect audio content quality.

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Ivan Talaychuk – CEO/Co-founder, Pibox

Ivan started his journey in the music industry when he was just a wide-eyed 16 y.o. He began as a DJ scratching records in one of the earliest Ukraine techno labels – InnerSpace. After slogging away one year as a DJ, Ivan moved on to a new level and started to write his own music. While gaining more experience in production, he joined a band as a keyboard player and arranger. During the music band period, Ivan gained insight into so many online collaboration problems during the music production process. In 2017, Ivan and his brother Pavlo started researching how to better understand what issues appear in the production workflow. After talking with hundreds of musicians and production companies, the Pibox collaboration app was crystallized and, as a result, got a warm market response. Currently, Pibox is used by 7000 producers, including noteworthy companies like Universal Music, Epidemic Sound, and many others.