Pibox – remote audio collaboration solution

Pibox – remote audio collaboration solution

BETTER SOUND 2020 | Category: 6. Services and Sound Start-ups





Pibox is a unique online audio collaboration solution. It helps audio production teams to work remotely worldwide without an impact on the creative process and content quality. Pibox is a place for the next masterpiece to be born because proper collaboration flow is key to perfect audio content quality.


Pibox is an all-in-one solution for audio production teams. Pibox covers a full online audio collaboration workflow. It contains such modules:
1. Audio waveform comments and To-Do’s
2. Cloud storage for large files and hi-res audio
3. Personal and team chat
4. Intuitive task and asset management
5. Smart file manager to see the projects from a bird-eye view

All these handy, but smart features help music makers and managers to fully work in a single app without losing time using several separate applications.

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