#SoundMakesTheWorldBetter: Contest Start

We are launching our #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter campaign where you can win AWESOME PRIZES from our partners NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, DOCKIN & Audified.
From 17 February to 15 March we need you to participate by posting the best projects and works that contribute to the motto #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter. Show us how sound and music can benefit society and help us raise awareness for projects that inspire people and make the world a better place to live in. All you’ve got to do is follow these steps:
1. Share your favorite sound project on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
2. Explain in one or two sentences what makes the project special.
3. Add the hashtag #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter.
Furthermore, there are some rules to keep in mind:
• The projects need to have a connection to audio/sound/music and follow our main criteria: smart, useful, innovative. They should contribute to a better social and cultural interaction, to our personal well-being, to environmental protection or benefit society in any other kind of way. 
• Every kind of project is allowed: startups, organizations, scientific studies, support programs… There are no limits!
• You can submit as many projects as you like.
• ISA winners or other ISA related projects we presented on our social media channels or website are not permissible. Nevertheless, you can check them out to get some inspiration.
• We can only consider applications on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that are tagged with the hashtag #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter and have a clear source/project. Also, postings in Instagram or Facebook stories can’t be reviewed.
• The ISA team will review all applications and pick the winners based on a scoring system.
• Once picked, the winners will be announced on our social media channels and website and personally contacted for the prize reception.
To have a look at the awesome prizes you can win, click the links below:

Native Instruments Komplete 12:
Native Instruments M32:
Dockin D FINE+:
Audified Studio Bundle:

For any further questions, contact us at award@international-sound-awards.com.
We can’t wait to see your amazing submissions to proof that #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter!

ISA 2019 Sessions Podcast – Fuze Sonic Identity System

Today we start our podcast series with new content from our ISA2019 Sessions. Enjoy what Drew Allison, Worldwide Brand and Creative Director from Fuze tells us about the Fuze Sonic Identity System.

You can listen to the Episode on our website here.
You can also find the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here and on Spotify here.

From now on we will publish a new episode of the International Sound Awards Podcast every Tuesday on our website, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Stay tuned!



Next week we are launching a social media contest where you can win amazing prizes!

We are looking for projects that contribute to a better social and cultural interaction, to our personal well-being, to environmental protection or benefit society in any other kind of way.

All you’ve got to do to take part is to follow these easy steps:

1. Share your favourite sound project on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
2. Explain in one or two sentences what makes the project special.
3. Add the hashtag #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter.

For inspiration check out the ISA projects of the last years.
Follow us to stay updated on the prizes and the judging procedure!

International Sound Awards Podcast

We are happy to announce our International Sound Awards Podcast series. The International Sound Awards Podcast covers all topics related to the International Sound Awards from the areas of music, audio and sound tech.

You can find in our podcast collection interviews with keynote speakers of the annual Audio Branding Congresses from 2009 to 2015. Furthermore you can find interviews related to the submissions of the Audio Branding Awards.

Our podcast collection also includes interviews with the speakers of the Audio Branding Academy Day 2016 and with jury members of the Internationals Sound Awards 2017.

Next week, we start new episodes with the recordings from our ISA Sessions 2019. So if you don’t want to miss them, please subscribe to our podcast.

You can listen to all International Sound Awards Podcasts on our website here.
You can also find us on Apple Podcasts here and on Spotify here.

White Paper on Audio Branding

The ISA have partnered up with RADIOZENTRALE, platform of public service broadcasters and private radio in Germany, to outline the most important steps in developing a brand sound and show the potential of audio branding. You can download the AUDIO BRANDING GUIDE here.
It’s available in English and German and free of charge.


Today, we sound the bell for the International Sound Award 2020. For the fourth time, the world’s best projects from “Music, Audio and Tech“ will be awarded with the ISAbell, all under the motto #MakeTheWorldSoundBetter. Join the international community of sound enthusiasts and submit your case between 4 February and 30 April, 2020. Read on here for submission details.

ISA2019 Interview – Winner: Swedbank Soundscaping

Lexter Ljuddesign developed a soundmasking solution for Swedbank. They designed a soundscape to reduce the possibilities of overhearing the costumers’ conversations with the banking staff including private topics. This soundscape is played through narrow soundshowers in the waiting area to make sure it doesn’t disrupt or annoy the staff.

In the interview at the ISA2019 award show the team explained how their solution is masking human speech while also providing a relaxing atmosphere.

swedbank soundscape sound masking lexter