We are looking forward to exciting submissions and new cooperations for the International Sound Awards 2020. Again, the ISA will be hosted in Hamburg, Germany in cooperation with the Reeperbahn Festival.

If you want to submit a case, you can do this from 3 February 2020 until 30 April 2020. More information on submission details.

The ISA2020 Sessions and a Get-Together will take place on Wednesday, 16 September 2020. You can celebrate the winners of the ISA2020 with us at our Award Show on Thursday, 17 September 2020.

ISA2019 Interview – Winner: CyMagic

Cymagic is a project designed to allow deaf children to experience and enjoy music. Through a science based installation it converts the vibrations of sound into visual and tactile impulses. With the help of the Israel Chamber Orchestra התזמורת הקאמרית הישראלית Healing Music created an interactive musical experience for the children.

After receiving the Winner Award at the ISA2019, Mordechai Braunstein of Healing Music told us about the special significance of the emotional project.

ISA2019 Interview – Grand Prix Winner: Axel Springer Audio Branding

In 2019 Axel Springer sharpened its brand positioning. The brand and its design are creative and rebellious. This is reflected in the new innovative sound identity. The German speech melody (intonation) of Axel Springer’s own voice was used to create a sound impulse connecting the modern company with its pioneering founder.

After the award show, we asked Alexander Wodrich and Leopold Hoepner a few questions about the Audio Branding project that won a Grand Prix at the International Sound Awards 2019.

ISA2019 Interview – Grand Prix Winner: Soundscape Design for Helsinki New Children’s Hospital

The Soundscape Design for Helsinki New Children’s Hospital has been developed by lecturer Antti Ikonen and Sound in New Media MA students of Aalto University. The soundscape follows the visual themes of each floor creating a soothing sonic environment for the children and staff and are played through 60 loudspeakers placed in lounges of the hospital.

Antti Ikonen told us more about the project that won a Grand Prix at the ISA2019.