ISA2020 Award Show

It‘s a wrap!

We’ve recorded the ISA2020 Award Show with our wonderful hosts Sara Kelly-Husain and Steve Blame at Häkken in Hamburg.

Which of the Better Sound Award projects are among the ISA2020 Winners? We‘ll keep the secret til 17 September and then broadcast the show via our Facebook channel at 3pm – don’t miss it!

You can also look forward to our very versatile one-man-band Peter Huber on keyboard, guitar and vocals.

ISA2020 Sessions

As part of the ISA2020, some of the Better Sound Award projects will once again present their work at the ISA Sessions. The Sessions will take place on September 16, the day before our award show, from 12am to 5pm CEST. We will stream the presentations on our Facebook page where you can join the event. At the end of every session there will be some space to ask questions through the Facebook comment session.
Learn more about the program.

ISA2020 Better Sound and Award Show

We proudly announce the first jury results for the ISA2020.

Once again, every shape of audio innovation was represented in our ISA applications. Fascinating soundscapes and immersive experiences, catching sonic brands and amazing cases of audio usage for therapy and to support healthcare were very prominent in the pool of exciting projects. We received submissions from 9 different countries: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and Germany.

Congratulations! 17 projects in 11 categories managed to convince the jurors and claim a Better Sound Award. This also makes them potential candidates for a Winner or Grand Prix prize at our award show in September.

Have a look at the detailed descriptions and case videos of our Better Sound projects here.

ISA2020 Award Show

Due to the mass cancellation of live events and the travel restrictions that affect our winners and you as our audience, we decided to move our ISA2020 award show to the internet. On 17 September we will broadcast the show to make sure that everyone can enjoy the ceremony safely from home. To give you the classical ISA feeling, the show will once again be hosted by our veteran dream team Sara Kelly-Husain and Steve Blame. We will also have a live chat to make sure no one has to miss out on connecting with each other.