White Paper on Audio Branding

The ISA have partnered up with RADIOZENTRALE, platform of public service broadcasters and private radio in Germany, to outline the most important steps in developing a brand sound and show the potential of audio branding. You can download the AUDIO BRANDING GUIDE here.
It’s available in English and German and free of charge.


Today, we sound the bell for the International Sound Award 2020. For the fourth time, the world’s best projects from “Music, Audio and Tech“ will be awarded with the ISAbell, all under the motto #MakeTheWorldSoundBetter. Join the international community of sound enthusiasts and submit your case between 4 February and 30 April, 2020. Read on here for submission details.

ISA2019 Interview – Winner: Swedbank Soundscaping

Lexter Ljuddesign developed a soundmasking solution for Swedbank. They designed a soundscape to reduce the possibilities of overhearing the costumers’ conversations with the banking staff including private topics. This soundscape is played through narrow soundshowers in the waiting area to make sure it doesn’t disrupt or annoy the staff.

In the interview at the ISA2019 award show the team explained how their solution is masking human speech while also providing a relaxing atmosphere.

swedbank soundscape sound masking lexter

ISA2019 Interview – Winner: Sounds of Silence

Today we want to share the ISA2019 winner interview of an amazing artistic project entirely focused on sound. Idee und Klang Audio Design created the exhibition ‘Sounds of Silence’ at the Museum für Kommunikation Bern  which emphasized the power of silence and invited visitors to take a step out of their comfort zone. They were able to create their own experience in a three dimensional soundscape guided by a voice played through their headphones.

In the interview after the award show Ramon De Marco and Jascha Dormann talked about their approach in the creation of the exhibition and the great possibilities to bring it to another museum.

ISA2019 Interview – Winner: Loopfree

To start the new year we present the winner interview of another great project focusing on accessibility. Loopfree is a wireless device designed to make live on-stage production easier for people with disabilities. Its programming makes it customizable for different challenges and therefore allows great possibilities for a lot of individuals.

We talked to the developers DJ Arthro, Tim Yates and Vahakn Matossian about the process of the project from the idea to the finished product and about future challenges they have to face.

ISA2019 Interview – Winner: Inclusion Rocks!

Today’s ISA2019 winner interview is all about the goal of uniting people through musical experiences. Inclusion Rocks! Music for all is an initiative that organises barrier-free music events, workshops and congresses to support people with disabilities and promote a respectful and open minded culture.

At the award show Peter Mandel and Thorsten Hesse underlined the importance of open communication and the power of music to connect people.

Inclusion Rocks ISA2019 Winner Interview