ISA2018 Exhibiton


At the ISA2018 Exhibition international companies, associations and institutions have the chance to present their own product and services to the audience. The networking event intends to foster the exchange among colleagues on this day. Interested parties have the opportunity to discuss practical solutions and industry topics and develop them further.





NOYS VR is a Hamburg based platform for musicians to perform concerts in fantastic virtual venues. An application allows fans to join these shows with a VR headset from their homes. The social features of the platform enable them to communicate with each other in real-time and interact with the musician. A real artist is recorded and streamed into a specifically designed, virtual world. Listeners can move around the virtual environment, exchange their experiences and enjoy the show with a much bigger emotional impact, then on any different media. You’ll be able to experience a VR concert as the team will bring some of their concerts to the ISA exhibition.



Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft | Music WorX

More knowledge, space, financing and innovation for Hamburg’s creative minds – this is the mission to which Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, an public institution, is committed. It is a central point of contact for all players in Hamburg’s creative industries. In addition to workshops, lectures and networking events, it also offers individual consulting, coaching, crowdfunding and assistance in financing and finding suitable workspaces for all professional groups of the creative industries. With Music WorX, the institution offers one of the few accelerators worldwide, that is specifically aimed at start-ups and entrepreneurs from the music industry. Every year up to four start-ups are funded through a compact, three-month program with the support of experts and mentors from the music industry to improve and strengthen their business ideas.


Fanvestory – empowering artists

Fan investment technology to support emerging and established talent.
Fanvestory keeps artists most loyal fans engaged. We want to create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between music creators and music fans. Fans (+ investors) invest into artists long-term career through song copyrights licensing and earn future royalties. Artists receive future royalties up-front and increase promotional power.



We believe that kids should have a way to access high quality, kid friendly music and audiobooks of the major music streaming services without making their parent’s lives more difficult. That’s why we developed laleby: the first standalone music streaming player that’s made for (small) children, and isn’t reliant on a smartphone. The system is composed of three parts: the physical device, an app to adjust its settings, and a secure cloud service that connects the two. The player has physical buttons that allow small children to use it all by themselves. The laleby app and the possibility to change from buttons to touchscreen allows the player to adapt to children’s needs and wishes as they grow, making it a perfect companion for many years of music and fun!


ALISSIA – soundtrack your life

ALISSIA Music offers a hyper personalized radio service that helps you find songs that will suit you – no matter the situation you are in. We create very personal music expieriences that automatically adapts to your current mood or activity. There is no need to manually search for songs or playlists – ALISSIA takes care of this for you. That way you won’t come back listening to the same songs over and over again.


bandnova – rehearsal rooms for everyone

Finding a rehearsal room is not an easy task. Especially the bigger European cities lack free and affordable spaces for musicians. Almost all rooms are offered to long-term tenants only. For non-professional musicians it is really not worth renting a room for the whole month while being able to use it only once or twice a week. It’s too expensive. For landlords the situation doesn’t look much better. There is huge demand and renting a free space to a band or single musician is quite easy. However, determined monthly rents still need to meet musicians budgets, which are in general rather limited. Thus, landlords incomes are rather moderate compared to the general market for flats and houses. With bandnova.com we offer musicians a new platform to rent on a flexible basis on demand free slots in rehearsal rooms and studios, together with necessary equipment and/or additional services.