#SoundMakesTheWorldBetter: Contest Start

We are launching our #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter campaign where you can win AWESOME PRIZES from our partners NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, DOCKIN & Audified.
From 17 February to 15 March we need you to participate by posting the best projects and works that contribute to the motto #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter. Show us how sound and music can benefit society and help us raise awareness for projects that inspire people and make the world a better place to live in. All you’ve got to do is follow these steps:
1. Share your favorite sound project on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
2. Explain in one or two sentences what makes the project special.
3. Add the hashtag #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter.
Furthermore, there are some rules to keep in mind:
• The projects need to have a connection to audio/sound/music and follow our main criteria: smart, useful, innovative. They should contribute to a better social and cultural interaction, to our personal well-being, to environmental protection or benefit society in any other kind of way. 
• Every kind of project is allowed: startups, organizations, scientific studies, support programs… There are no limits!
• You can submit as many projects as you like.
• ISA winners or other ISA related projects we presented on our social media channels or website are not permissible. Nevertheless, you can check them out to get some inspiration.
• We can only consider applications on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that are tagged with the hashtag #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter and have a clear source/project. Also, postings in Instagram or Facebook stories can’t be reviewed.
• The ISA team will review all applications and pick the winners based on a scoring system.
• Once picked, the winners will be announced on our social media channels and website and personally contacted for the prize reception.
To have a look at the awesome prizes you can win, click the links below:

Native Instruments Komplete 12:
Native Instruments M32:
Dockin D FINE+:
Audified Studio Bundle:

For any further questions, contact us at award@international-sound-awards.com.
We can’t wait to see your amazing submissions to proof that #SoundMakesTheWorldBetter!