International Sound Awards Podcast

We are happy to announce our International Sound Awards Podcast series. The International Sound Awards Podcast covers all topics related to the International Sound Awards from the areas of music, audio and sound tech.

You can find in our podcast collection interviews with keynote speakers of the annual Audio Branding Congresses from 2009 to 2015. Furthermore you can find interviews related to the submissions of the Audio Branding Awards.

Our podcast collection also includes interviews with the speakers of the Audio Branding Academy Day 2016 and with jury members of the Internationals Sound Awards 2017.

Next week, we start new episodes with the recordings from our ISA Sessions 2019. So if you don’t want to miss them, please subscribe to our podcast.

You can listen to all International Sound Awards Podcasts on our website here.
You can also find us on Apple Podcasts here and on Spotify here.