Congratulations to all winners of the ISA2019! 

In an award show full of dynamic and atmosphere, the winners of the ISA2019 were revealed at Schmidtchen on 19th, September, 2019. The winners come from Costa Rica, Germany, Finland, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the U.S.. Two outstanding works from Finland and Germany were honored with a „Grand Prix”. 
See all winners at a glance here.
Our thanks go out to:
  • keynote speaker Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg for sharing some fascinating insights with us which clearly show that R&D in audio in a very active field.
  • Gad Hinkis, for the very uplifting and intoxicating live performance with his app JAMBL.
  • and to our new “ISA dream team” on stage – Sara Kelly-Husain and Steve Blame, for the fun and perfect harmony as hosts of the evening.