ISA2018 Exhibitor – NOYS VR

At the ISA2018 Exhibition international companies, associations and institutions have the chance to present their own product and services to the audience. The networking event intends to foster the exchange among colleagues on this day. Interested parties have the opportunity to discuss practical solutions and industry topics and develop them further.

Date: September 20, from 2pm to 5pm
Location: Gruenspan, Hamburg



NOYS VR is a Hamburg based platform for musicians to perform concerts in fantastic virtual venues. An application allows fans to join these shows with a VR headset from their homes. The social features of the platform enable them to communicate with each other in real-time and interact with the musician. A real artist is recorded and streamed into a specifically designed, virtual world. Listeners can move around the virtual environment, exchange their experiences and enjoy the show with a much bigger emotional impact, then on any different media. You’ll be able to experience a VR concert as the team will bring some of their concerts to the ISA exhibition.