ISA2018 Exhibitor – bandnova

At the ISA2018 Exhibition international companies, associations and institutions have the chance to present their own product and services to the audience. The networking event intends to foster the exchange among colleagues on this day. Interested parties have the opportunity to discuss practical solutions and industry topics and develop them further.

Date: September 20, from 2pm to 5pm
Location: Gruenspan, Hamburg


bandnova – rehearsal rooms for everyone

Finding a rehearsal room is not an easy task. Especially the bigger European cities lack free and affordable spaces for musicians. Almost all rooms are offered to long-term tenants only. For non-professional musicians it is really not worth renting a room for the whole month while being able to use it only once or twice a week. It’s too expensive. For landlords the situation doesn’t look much better. There is huge demand and renting a free space to a band or single musician is quite easy. However, determined monthly rents still need to meet musicians budgets, which are in general rather limited. Thus, landlords incomes are rather moderate compared to the general market for flats and houses. With we offer musicians a new platform to rent on a flexible basis on demand free slots in rehearsal rooms and studios, together with necessary equipment and/or additional services.