ISA2018 Exhibitor – laleby

At the ISA2018 Exhibition international companies, associations and institutions have the chance to present their own product and services to the audience. The networking event intends to foster the exchange among colleagues on this day. Interested parties have the opportunity to discuss practical solutions and industry topics and develop them further.

Date: September 20, from 2pm to 5pm
Location: Gruenspan, Hamburg


We believe that kids should have a way to access high quality, kid friendly music and audiobooks of the major music streaming services without making their parent’s lives more difficult. That’s why we developed laleby: the first standalone music streaming player that’s made for (small) children, and isn’t reliant on a smartphone. The system is composed of three parts: the physical device, an app to adjust its settings, and a secure cloud service that connects the two. The player has physical buttons that allow small children to use it all by themselves. The laleby app and the possibility to change from buttons to touchscreen allows the player to adapt to children’s needs and wishes as they grow, making it a perfect companion for many years of music and fun!