Coming next: ISA2018

We are proud to announce the second edition of the International Sound Awards. On 20th September 2018 the best and most innovative sound concepts and sound solutions will be honored with the ISA2018 @ Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg (Germany).

Key Dates

March 15: Open for submission (submission details will be announced on March 15th)
May 31: Submission deadline
September 20: ISA2018 Award Show @ Reeperbahn Festival

ISA2018 Categories
Corporate Communications

• Ambient Sound • Audio Dialogue • Audio Marketing • Audio Branding

Research & Development

• Acoustic Product Sound Design • Digital Product Sound Design 
• Voice & Language
 • Sound Start-up

Life & Society

• Soundscapes • Health • Universal Design • Social & Culture • Silence

Aural Architecture
Sound Art