ISA Exhibitor – Evalu

At the ISA Exhibition international companies, associations and institutions have the chance to present their own product and services to the audience. The networking event intents to foster the exchange among colleagues on this day. Interested parties have the opportunity to discuss practical solutions and industry topics and develop them further.
Date: September 21 from 2pm to 5pm
Location: Gruenspan, Hamburg

Evalu – Pace Control via Sound

The first running app that can tell you – based on your biomechanics – how fast you should run to maximise the training effect.

evalu is a software that utilizes biomedical/biomechanical user data from a textile force sensor to offer personalized sports- and rehabilitation products. To gather the necessary data, the company offers the world’s first mobile running coach (App) that can tell athletes which intensity (speed, distance, etc) is best for their training, based on their performance and a constant gait analysis during their run. This massively increases training efficiency and limits the risk of injury. While the sensor is constantly monitoring your run, the app is guiding you via audio feedback – created in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg (HAW) – towards healthy and effective training.