Award Jury member Anna Kind

ABA welcomes another member of the 2015 Awards jury:

anna kind




Anna Kind

With years of experience in leading positions within the retail, media and PR industry Anna joined Radja Sound Design Agency in 2011. Previous positions had taken her from Escada and Cerruti to the production department at Canal+, and not to forget the years she spent as a music journalist and the role she played for the German Eurodance project Culture Beat in the 90s. Anna has been involved in operating and developing Radja, an award-winning audio branding agency that creates sound experiences at places that millions of people visit every year.

Radja partners with architects, retailers and marketers to conceptualize ideas for companys that will provide extra-ordinary customer experiences. Within Radja’s portfolio you will find sound strategies and concepts for commercial real estate owners, shopping destinations, hotel chains and hospitals among others. In August 2014, Anna and the Radja Sound Design Agency won a Red Dot for the Emporia sound strategy, and in December 2014 they will represent Sweden at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong.

In this podcast episode, Anna talks about the role of new technologies for product sound design and auditory user interfaces (AUI) … and silence.