Moderator of the Audio Branding Awards 2015: Steve Keller

steve keller
Steve Keller

The Audio Branding Academy is very pleased to present Steve Keller as moderator of the Audio Branding Awards 2015. Steve has a broad experience and vast knowledge in audio branding. He can rightly be called an “audio branding ambassador” as he speaks and conducts workshops at international conferences (MIDEM, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Eurobest, Dubai Lynx, Transform MENA and Transform Hong Kong), professional organizations (AMA, AAF, Audio Branding Academy), universities, and a long list of global advertising agencies.
Besides being moderator of the Audio Branding Awards, Steve will also give a workshop on Academy Day.

Among other things, in this podcast Steve talks about the impact of technological innovations on audio branding and why engagement, experience and interaction play an important role in audio branding strategies.