Keynote Speaker at the ABAWARDS2015: Olaf Hartmann

At the Audio Branding Awards 2015 in Berlin, Olaf Hartmann will give a keynote lecture with the title ‘The Power of Multisense‘.

Olaf outlines the contents of his keynote in this podcast:


Olaf Hartmann, Multisense Institute

Olaf Hartmann is a pioneer and visionary of multisensory marketing. As an inspiring speaker, author and entrepreneur he can refer to convincing examples from research and experience. He turns current findings of neurology, behavioural psychology and sensory research into successful marketing. Olaf first started his career in international advertising; he has been a lecturer at the institute of business administration of the University of St. Gallen for seven years, created the first agency specialized on haptic sales promotion in 1995 and is founder and managing partner of the Multisense Institute for multisensory marketing.