Summer Of Sound Conference in Berlin


What are the meanings of silence? How can we use silence for brand communications? How can brands stage silence to communicate different meanings? These were the topics that Dr. Cornelius Ringe from Audio Branding Academy adressed at “Summer Of Sound” Conference in Berlin on September 19, 2014. His talk was one of three, followed by talks from Sven Sören Beyer (phase7 performing.arts) and Johannes Scherzer (TAUCHER Sound Environments).

Supporting programme of the scenography summit was provided by hands on sound with their “Interludes” and on their “Soundbikes”. Highlight at the end was the impressive sound installation of the brothers Abel, Carlo und Max Korinsky in the giant Berlin Cathedral at midnight.

All in all the event proofed that Berlin is a centre of sound art and sound studies. Thank goes to the organizers from PLOT magazine.