Call for Audio Logos


As one of the main parts of Audio Branding, the audio logo is an acoustic element used within the framework of brand communication. We know it is a popular branding element. We know it is branded in the minds of many people. It is the central task of the audio logo to represent the identity of a brand.

There are so many audio logos out there and the main problem is that you have no opportunity to research, no concrete data, and no suitable preparation of data especially when you are searching globally.

So why don´t we carry together a large number of data to get an overview of the existing market of audio brands and especially of audio logos?

The AUDIO LOGO DATABASE is an online tool to research and investigate the acoustic marketplace especially for audio logos. It currently contains about 250 audio logos from all branches including the registered sound marks of the trademark offices. And we want even more!

Do you have any suggestions and any project data that you want to submit and make visible? Here you have the opportunity!
Please register, start testing and submitting!

All information about the Call for Audio Logos at a glance (PDF).