Video documentation ABC2011: ING-DiBa Case


Case presentation at the Audio Branding Congress in New York on November 17, 2011.

Abstract from Waltraud Niemann

Audio branding, phase I
– The new name of the ‘Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank’, DiBa (Direktbank), was launched in the course of a brand campaign in1999. The key focus was on the new brand name. This was supported ideally by a specially developed jingle.
– The key theme from Bert Kaempfert’s ‘Strangers In The Night’ became the familiar ‘DiBa-DiBa-Du’. Everyone knows it, everyone likes it. It’s a really catchy tune.
– Despite all changes the brand went through, the sound remained as a familiar constant that characterises the brand identity of ING-DiBa and guarantees an extremely high brand recall factor. People begin to sing it as soon as someone mentions the brand: DiBaDiBaDu…lalalala…DiBaDiBaDu….

Audio branding, phase II: The challenge of new audio branding
– Within the course of repositioning the ING-DiBa brand, one of the tasks was to further develop the sound component (jingle, brand voice, soundscape)
– Which aims were to be fulfilled by the new audio branding?
• More intense emotionalisation of the ING-DiBa brand.
• Translate the brand promise into an experience: DiBaDu communicates ‘The Bank and You”. The brand promise reflects a concrete customer experience: the DiBaDu feeling (customers experience it, for example, through simplicity, transparency, customer service, etc. at ING-DiBa). The DiBaDu feeling is to be made audibly tangible.
• Modernisation of the jingle while maintaining the familiarity already achieved by the brand sound and preserving its established extreme popularity.
Conclusion: Evolution not revolution

A harmonious brand identity that communicates the DiBaDu feeling in both audible and visual terms.