Mark Dewings of SoundCloud to hold keynote at the Audio Branding Congress

At the Audio Branding Congress 2013 in Moscow, Mark Dewings of SoundCloud will give a keynote address. SoundCloud has quickly become the world’s repository for audio on the web, a place where original music, speech and sounds are uploaded of over 200 million people around the world each month to hear them. Being at the heart of sound sharing on the web provides a unique perspective on the growth and development of audio content creation and the tendencies and quirks of the people that listen. We’ll cover the growing importance of sound on the web, emerging trends we’re observing, and show how partners and brands can best utilize the platform to become an authentic part of the sound sharing community.


About Mark

Mark Dewings leads Brand Communications at SoundCloud, the leading audio platform that lets anyone share sounds everywhere on the web. At SoundCloud, Mark is responsible for brand strategy, channel planning and executing communications that both strengthen SoundCloud’s brand and nurture audience relationships. He increasingly works with partners, agencies and brands to achieve this. Mark has a decade of experience in advertising and brand marketing, working on global brands like Kodak, BP, Kraft, and UPS. Before SoundCloud he was Partner, Planning Director at Ogilvy & Mather in New York, turning business strategy into creative solutions through consumer insight and intuitive leaps of faith.

Mark has an MA from Cambridge University in Economics & Political Philosophy. He is originally from the UK and lives in London, having spent his career to date in New York, Toronto and Berlin. Mark still fancies himself as a musician, playing in a band in Milan and working with a production team in London.