Weltmeister Sonic DNA

Weltmeister: Sonic DNA



BETTER SOUND 2019 | Category: 2. Research & Development





Sonic DNA: An innovative, data-based classification system serves as the base for the design of a holistic Music and Sound ecosystem for Chinese EV brand Weltmeister. It uses a machine learning algorithm that can detect emotions in music. The result: The personality of the brand gets audible and can be experienced by consumers at all touchpoints.


Our task was to accurately translate the Chinese EV start up brand Weltmeister into music and sound for its specific target group and across all touchpoints – from brand communication to driving the car itself – according to its distinctive brand profile and taking in account the specifics of the Chinese market.

During a four year cooperation with two renowned German universities we developed a machine learning algorithm that is capable of detecting target group specific emotional connotations in music and sound. The algorithm detected correlations between acoustic features such as harmony, rhythm or melody – and human emotional classification. The brands personality was defined within the same classification system, consisting of emotional attributes and lifestyle parameters. This brand profile then was fed to the algorithm to be translated into music & sound.

The result was an automatically generated music and sound mood board that perfectly matched the brand’s personality. Based on this acoustic brief, calculated by the algorithm, artists produced a brand song – including 5 remixes for different target audiences, a sound logo and a sound set of over 100 single sounds, for all audio user experiences across all devices. Branded playlists were generated and curated by the algorithm in full automation for all stores, events and other brand spaces.

Project video