Vitesco Technologies Audio Branding

Vitesco Technologies Audio Branding



WINNER 2023 | Category: Audio Branding


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Vitesco Technologies is a developer of powertrain and electrification solutions for vehicles. The Audio Branding is based on their electrification approach and their automotive mobility expertise: Telling the story of perpetuous movement. The musical hook is inspired by their visual identity, translating the brand’s iconic ”V“-symbol into a melody.


Vitesco Technologies is a leading developer of powertrain and electrification solutions for all types of vehicles. While very focused on technology, they care very much about interacting with their customers. These interactions are increasingly audiovisual. Therefore, an Audio Branding was a necessity. Their question to us was: What does Vitesco Technologies sound like?

We learned about their brand, electrification, and mobility. And we studied their visual design. Vitesco Technology’s iconic ”V“-symbol visually inspired the brand‘s core audio element: the musical hook. The notation follows the V-shape and is arranged to keep on going. Like a spinning wheel, telling the story of perpetuous movement. That is how the hook turned into a full and rich composition, perfectly in line with their expertise of technology, powering mobility. The brand‘s sound was completely electrified, mirroring the brand‘s vision: ”Electrified. Emotion. Everywhere.“

The essence of the brand‘s sound has been captured in the audiovisual logo. It forms a harmonious unity of sound and motion. Once approved, we dove into the implementation process: Audio guidelines, event sound packages, a music library, telephone on-hold music, ringtones for employees and a social media audio-visual tool kit. For ease of use, a custom-made music arrangement software was introduced so that employees and agencies can adapt the music to their specific needs in an instant.

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