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TouchMe music controller



TouchMe is designed to bring interactivity into the everyday world. The idea is to connect humans and objects in one electric chain, measure the intensity of human touch, and covert in into sound. TouchMe is MIDI controller that can be used in music, education, artistic practice, therapy, and research of human perception.

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Sasha Pas – Founder, Playtronica

Sasha Pas is a founder and visionary of Playtronica. Pas has been experimenting with technology for the past 12 years, working in theatre and event productions, staging immersive performances, merging different media, mixing set designs, sounds, lights and live acting. Playtronica focuses on touch and sound with devices like Playtron and TouchMe turns anything into a musical controller. Why make instruments from pineapples, chairs, cars or even the central market? Mindset of Playtronica is to shift existing paradigms of education and industrial production. It is not about making new things, it’s about making new meanings.