The Power of Multisense

Keynote Lecture

The Power of Multisense

Speaker: Olaf Hartmann (Multisense Institute)



Multisensory recognizable brands are more successful than their competitors! Multisensory campaigns and multisensory sales processes are more effective! So do many researchers and all practitioners of sensory marketing claim. But many marketing managers still wonder what does multisensory marketing actually mean? Should every touchpoint include as many senses as possible or does a sensory overoptimization create negative effects as well? When is enough enough? Doesn´t it all this cost too much? How does multisensory marketing help me differentiate my brand, make my communication more credible and my marketing investments more efficient?

The sensory experts have failed to answer these questions convincingly, loud and clear enough and are therefore often struggling with communication, budget and appreciation issues. Olaf Hartmann will introduce in his keynote a mental framework how multisensory marketing fits into traditional marketing thinking and how the value promise of individual sensory optimization like touch or sound can be communicated more effectively by using the ARIVA model. He will explain the important role of resonance fields in translating a functional and psychological brand benefit into multisensory brand communication. Furthermore he will show how touch and sound are deeply connected, how the haptic-effect can be triggered by sound and why all sensory experts should think in multisensory terms to be most effective.



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