Terms & Conditions 2022

Terms & Conditions International Sound Awards 2022


  1. All authors, persons or companies involved in the work are subject to copyright and are eligible. Contestants may be either individuals or teams.
  2. Submission fees must be paid upon receipt of invoice.
  3. In the case of winning an award, Entrants are obliged to cover the costs listed under “Fees”.
  4. The Entrant is obliged to cover all transportation or travelling expenses in the exceptional case that a submission must be sent for assessment.
  5. Please ensure that all information (e.g. project and company name) is correct for communication, publication online and in the yearbook.
  6. Withdrawals after the submission deadline cannot be refunded.
  7. Entrants agree to observe the rules of the competition.
  8. It is understood that the Entrants agree to all stated terms and conditions once the submission has been made and payment has been completed.
  9. Entrants confirm they have obtained the legal permission to enter into the competition on the terms and conditions herein stated.
  10. Entrants will be made liable for any loss to persons and companies caused by a breach of these terms and conditions.
  11. The rules of the competition shall be regulated and construed according to German law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the German courts.
Publication and Copyright
  1. The Entrant grants the Audio Branding Academy a non-exclusive, unlimited right of use in time and place to publish, reproduce, distribute, exhibit, present, transmit, provide public access in the Internet and make use, whether corporeal or incorporeal, of the submitted materials in print media and other digital media.
  2. The Audio Branding Academy may grant third parties sublicenses.
  3. The Entrant guarantees that he has obtained the consent of the respective right holders, in the case that the submitted work contains materials owned by other parties, for the Audio Branding Academy to use these components within the framework of the aforementioned publication forms.