Sonic branding for Auping

Sonic branding for Auping



WINNER 2022 | Category: Audio Branding





Auping is a well-known Dutch brand that has been producing high-quality designer beds and mattresses since 1888. As an extension to their brand, TAMBR created a “touchable sound”. A flexible set of audio assets that sound both innovative and established, at the same time underscoring their brand-values and making them stand out from competition.


TAMBR enabled Auping to build a distinctive sonic brand, by translating their brand-values into music using a data-driven approach to creativity. As a first step, we tested the existing Auping sound on distinctiveness, to see how well it stood out amongst its competition. For this process, we plotted Auping’s biggest competitor on a distinctive brand asset (DBA) grid on “uniqueness” and fame”.

Next, using both brand-laddering tools and our musical archetype-framework, we refined their brand-values into a set of relevant keywords. Consequently, we tested the existing sound and a soundalike on these keywords, using implicit association testing (IAT). This taught us there was an opportunity to move away from their existing sound and explore a more unique and daring side, within the boundaries of the category but in line with the innovative spirit of the brand.

We then fed the keywords into our musical algorithm. In turn, the algorithm supplied us with a selection of “most likely” fitting tracks that underwent a scrutinous examination by our music searchers. This enabled us to come up with a detailed and effective brief using spot-on musical references.

After a careful selection process, one composer was briefed to come up with several demo’s that would fit the brief. As a result of our data-driven creative strategy, the process had become largely a matter of finetuning by now. And within a timespan of several weeks, we produced two fitting brand scores for the Auping brand.

Key to these compositions were up-close recordings of piano and clarinet, in combination with human voices, layered with field recordings of subtle factory sounds. Delivered in a flexible music library, fit to tell their stories on all touchpoints.


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