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Fuze Sonic Identity System



Drew Allison joined ThinkingPhones, a VOIP software company, in 2016. He was recruited to retire the ThinkingPhones’ brand identity and in its place create an entirely new brand as Fuze (the truncated name of FuzeBox, a video conferencing solution that the company had recently acquired).

Drew led all aspects of brand expression: positioning, messaging, visual and audio articulation. Building an integrated, omni-channel brand and communications identity system. Drew also integrated with the product teams, providing visual consistency in the product as well as creating Fuze’s integrated holistic sonic identity system, comprised of a family of ringtones, signals & alerts, associated product sounds, and an audio logo.

The sound of Fuze needed to be simple, transparent, and fluid, aiding work flow as seamlessly as the product user interface, across mobile, web, and desktop platforms. The sonic system also had to differentiate the product in a crowded communications market where ringtones definitively represent the brand.

In harmony with the visual brand, Drew and a small team set out to develop an innovative multi-sensory brand experience. The result was a universal and enduring world-class sonic identity.

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Drew Allison – Worldwide Brand and Creative Director, Fuze

Drew Allison is a Brand Strategist / Creative Director with over 25 years of experience developing award-winning branding and trans media customer engagement systems for some of the world’s strongest brands. Throughout his career, Drew has engaged in every aspect of brand development, creating powerful, 360- degree brand expression and omni-channel integration across mediums, channels, and ecosystems.Drew’s lifelong interest in eastern philosophy and arts guides and influences his work, which has been cited for excellence and appeared in prestigious design publications internationally. He is an accomplished musician/songwriter/lyricist and has been featured in film and television. Drew holds a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY).