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XOUNTS Hamburg GmbH



The multi-talent XOUNTS UP is a symbiosis of perfect 360° stereo sound, atmospheric lighting and cutting-edge technology. In addition to a completely new design, integrated lighting and an individualized outer cover, the obelisk offers new future-orientated technology and exceptional flexibility.

Detailed project description

XOUNTS UP is a cutting-edge sound system with newly developed flat membrane technology. While conventional sound systems are equipped with high- and mid-range membranes, XOUNTS UP two surface membranes ensure that the pyramid shaped sound body vibrates. This ensures a homogenous room soundscape.

The subwoofer does not rely on existing technology, but rather on Bassreflex technology which was specially developed for the unusual shape and is integrated into the base as a down-firing subwoofer. This is why it is possible to create a full 360 ° stereo sound with only one device.

Modularity for Full Freedom
A main consideration during the development phase was to make  XOUNTS UP an open, modular system, thereby enabling full compatibility. In commercially available devices, technologies such as Bluetooth, wireless or lighting options are processed directly within the circuit boards. With XOUNTS UP, an infrastructure has been created to implement all current technologies easily in the interior of the pyramid. This is ensured, among other things, by the integrated E 27 socket for all commercially available lamps, such as Philips HUE or LifX, and a separate power connection.

XOUNTS Sound and Design
A main focus in the creation of XOUNTS UP was the customizable outer design cover. The interchangeable outer shells, so-called “Style Covers”, are hand-made in Germany and individually designed and stand for a unique look. The user has the opportunity to become creative and create his own Style Cover. The user can either create his own graphic design or he has the option to select from the XOUNTS collection of more than 50 designs of Style Covers in-stock. 

XOUNTS Voice Control 
Thanks to Amazon and other providers, Voice Control is the talk of the town, and XOUNTS UP is the first modular system to have it. The Alexa Voice Control can be integrated easily in XOUNTS UP top-case and the user can voice commands to XOUNTS UP and Alexa comfortably from his sofa.

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