Kuka Brand Experience

Kuka Brand Experience



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Ambient Sound
kling klang klong GbR / MESO Digital Interiors GmbH, tisch13



This is a sound experience built for an emotional and intelligent showroom for Kuka in Augsburg. A subtle balance between the sound concept, an interactive audio player software, an intelligent sound composition and two main shows, build an entire room as a living organism that engages the visitor with the five senses.

Detailed project description
Relevant Background Information and Outset

Kuka is one of the world’s leading suppliers of robotics as well as plant and systems engineering. In 2016 Kuka built its showroom to bring visitors to experience their history of robotic innovation. This experience was to be developed by Tisch13, Meso and Kling Klang Klong combined. Our focus was on the design and development of the sound experience.


The space as we received it was wide and open, with no real acoustic separation.
We wanted to turn this space into three sonically connected, yet independent areas that interacted with the guests according to their behavior:
1. History Tunnel: a space to exhibit the history of Kuka
2. Main Room
3. Highlight Area: where two main shows where to perform

The dynamics, harmonics and the rhythm of the entire sound for the 3 spaces had to be managed as a whole unit. To bring this results we delivered the following:
– Acoustic and technical consulting to optimize the delivery of the content.
– Design and delivery of a custom made interactive and intelligent audio player.
– Sound design, music and sonic interaction.

The Sound Concept

The entire ambient sound was designed to evoke the innovation and brand communication behind Kuka. This feeling was delivered by turning the space into holistic and intelligent brand experience. The composition used in subtle way elements of the brand melody to encourage the recognition of the brand without been to aggressive or obvious. The idea was to have a subconscious connection to the brand through the sound.

Procedure and Solution

At the entrance the guests, or a tour guide, would carry a token that would be informing our audio player of their location. As they advanced from one room to another, the sound of the entire space changed as if the room itself was a robot reacting to the visitor behavior. Our own custom made software could analyze the different position of the tokens in the room and react in the best way possible to give every visitor an unique experience. Our software was able to automatically change the moods of the areas, mix the volumes or go to Show Mode.

Once in the Show Mode, two sound compositions were programmed:
1. The Lightscrab interactive Robot

On an iPad people write their name or draw any shape they want. The big-robot- hand will then write it on the air. A long-exposition photo would be taken from the robot’s drawing. The software we created composed a sound for the moment in which the guest interacts with the iPad and one for when the Robot replicates the human’s drawing. The software analyses the position, velocity and acceleration of the move ments and create a different “Aura” for both finger and Robot. It translates the elegant sound of the iPad to a more powerful and impressive sound of the robot. Everything harmonically related with the main ambient.

2. The Highlight experience

This was for us the most enjoyable part to bring alive through sound. Once someone presses START on the screen, all the rooms are coordinated to behave as one living space that focuses the attention of visitors into this experience. A piano was selected to play the melody that resembles machine patterns. Then some leitmotivs are played again by the piano reminding the guests of the general sounds of the other 2 rooms.


The result was this incredible stable, emotional and intelligent room design that feels like a living organism that engages with the five senses of its visitors in Augsburg.
Furthermore, and as an unexpected positive surprise, Kuka’s marketing chief called Kling Klang Klong to make the new Kuka’s TV commercial sound and music, as the brand aesthetic of the new showroom was a perfect representation of the Kuka brand.

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