ISA2017 Exhibition


At the ISA Exhibition international companies, associations and institutions have the chance to present their own product and services to the audience. The networking event fostered the exchange among colleagues and experts on this day. Interested parties had the opportunity to discuss practical solutions and industry topics and develop them further.




SonicTonic: Sound 4 Healthcare

SonicTonic is a health app that delivers audio programs containing a unique blend of purpose-targeted therapeutic techniques (e.g. Brainwave Entrainment, ASMR, mixed with Music) to provide quick and effective help to those having problems with sleep, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain.



Immersive Ambiences in VR
How do we create “immersive” ambiences for Virtual Reality? Are 3D recordings a must in or could we use pre-existing stereo, surround, or quad content and upmix it to a 3D format? The fundamental question being, do we need to re-record all our beloved ambiences or is there another solution to this problem? This project presents a 3D recording along with various upmixes of the same content in order to test this theory.
Evalu – Pace Control via Sound
The first running app that can tell you – based on your biomechanics – how fast you should run to maximise the training effect.

evalu is a software that utilizes biomedical/biomechanical user data from a textile force sensor to offer personalized sports- and rehabilitation products. To gather the necessary data, the company offers the world’s first mobile running coach (App) that can tell athletes which intensity (speed, distance, etc) is best for their training, based on their performance and a constant gait analysis during their run. This massively increases training efficiency and limits the risk of injury. While the sensor is constantly monitoring your run, the app is guiding you via audio feedback – created in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg (HAW) – towards healthy and effective training.
livyu – closer than live

livyu is a platform for high quality Pay Per View concert streams, available live, on demand, in 360° and in livyu’s very own virtual reality concert hall.
Our multi-camera perspective HDTV streams offer worldwide access to live concerts, that fans would otherwise miss. Sold out shows, expensive tickets, long travels or impossible schedules are of no concern anymore. Regardless of their location, fans can be part of the show, determine interactive interviews and have a look at what is up backstage. livyu’s tickets are unlimited and always available.



Connecting the dots for the MusicTech industry – MusicTech Germany 
MusicTech Germany, the Federal Association of Music Technology Germany, represents the common interests of hardware, software and service providers in the field of music technology. The alliance gathers organisations and actors from the music technology and digitization sector under one roof and represents this industry officially and professionally on all levels. The goal of MusicTech Germany is to unite the very fragmented industry in a joint organisation and to coordinate the existing forces and resources. In addition, MusicTech Germany is committed to the adjustment of public funding structures to enable more innovations in the field of music technology. Furthermore, the association is going to improve the access to music-technologies for women and inspire more female talents to become part of this field.


laut.fm/live – start streaming

laut.fm/live gives you the freedom to stream live audio from wherever you are. laut.fm/live is a hardware and a software project: An audio cable and an app for your phone. Anyone can plug the cable into their mobile, start up our app and stream live from wherever they are. This may be a DJ from a club, a promoter from an event or just your regular couchpotato with a passion for broadcasting. laut.fm offers an easy-to-use, browser-based interface to make your own legal online radio station. To quote Jello Biafra: “If you don’t like, what’s on corporate radio – make your own!”. 


XOUNTS UP – The Revolutionary Sound and Ambiance System from Hamburg

XOUNTS UP is the visionary sound and ambiance system which is going to blow you away! The Multitalent is the symbiosis of perfect 360° stereo sound, atmospheric lighting, and innovative technology. XOUNTS UP is a future-oriented sound system with newly developed flat diaphragm technology. It stands for a completely separate and new product category in the area of multi-room systems. You can check it out here: www.xounts.com