Point of Sound

Workshop on 20th of September 2017

Point of Sound Experience –
The New Shape of In-Store Music

Lecturer: Robin Hofmann – HearDis!



Audio Branding today is as vital to the brand image as the brand name, logo or product design itself. Now that the PoS changes its role from a place of purchase to a place of experience, in-store music has to be regarded as a vital part of the whole Audio Branding portfolio. Berlin and Stuttgart based Audio Branding agency HearDis! is tracing the individual sound of its clients to provide a unique, harmonious soundtrack and an authentic atmosphere in their stores.

HearDis! co-founder Robin Hofmann will present not only the current approach to audio branding, but also future innovations which at the moment are being developed in the project ABC_DJ (funded by the EU under grant agreement no. 688122). Besides HearDis! six other companies and research institutes from five European countries work on the new shape of audio branding and in-store music. On the one hand, this project will establish a scientific basis for Audio Branding in general, on the other hand, software tools will be created that enhance in-store music in particular.


Robin Hofmann

Robin Hofmann graduated in Communication Design studies at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart and worked since then both as a Freelancer for various clients in the field of print and online and as a DJ. With three of his friends he formed the DJ and producer team Dublex Inc. in 1999 and one year later the record label Pulver Records.
Many highly acclaimed music productions, international releases and various DJ appearances all over the globe followed. Out of tour- and event-planning, licensing and marketing-work for Pulver Records the idea for the corporate sound agency HearDis! was born, which he founded in 2004 together with Felix Haaksman. In addition to his role as a Managing Partner of HearDis!, Robin Hofmann is creative director, responsible for the development of new concepts and marketing strategies.


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