Selection procedure

Audio Branding Awards 2017 – Selection Procedure


  1. On receipt of the application form, please fill out and provide the ABA with all relevant graphics, audio and video material.
  2. Please label all confidential material only meant for the ears and eyes of the jury.
  3. ABA will check that all submitted contributions comply with the requirements of the award.
  4. After preparation of your case, you will need to review and give your approval before being published on the ABA website.
  5. Around June 2017, your case will be put online and confidential material will be sent to the jurors separately.
  6. Jurors will receive the code of conduct, an evaluation form and the evaluation criteria.
  7. Before the jurors give their final ratings, the ABA will organize a conference call with all jury members to go through all cases, agree about evaluation criteria and clarify any issues or questions.
  8. The jury members will assess the cases with regard to each evaluation criteria.
  9. The analysis of the ratings will be carried out by ABA. To avoid any distortian, median rates will be considered after eliminating extreme outliers. 
  10. The final voting results will be anonymized for participants and jurors as well.
  11. Only the six best cases – but no further results – will be announced to the public in July 2017.
  12. The three winners of the categories GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE will be revealed at the award ceremony on September 21st, 2017.


Code of conduct for jury members

I. Jurors must not have any conflict of interest in respect to any applicant and case study.
II. Jurors must not bias the evaluation process and decision making of any other juror in an unduly manner.
III. Jurors commit themselves to evaluate all the applications based on the evaluation grid as well as their expertise.
IV. Jurors commit themselves to treat all information and material confidentially.
V. Jurors must not directly contact the company and/or agency of submitting applicants without the consent of ABA.