NOFO – An Auditory Journey Through Time And Space

NOFO – An Auditory Journey Through Time And Space



WINNER 2023 | Category: Audio Marketing
BETTER SOUND 2023 | Categories: Soundscapes and Ambient Sound, Universal Design





Attracting trend-sensitive hotel guests is a creative challenge, and with more and more hotels looking for their special niche, it’s all about creating a unique experience. Efterklang has helped NOFO create a space that stands out from the crowd through auditory experiences – a place where people want to visit and stay.


Hotels can provide a genuine sense of escapism, as guests are transported into an exclusive environment that allows them to detach from the outside world. Achieving this immersive experience requires meticulous attention to detail and careful curation of various aspects of the interior design, with the sound environment being a crucial component. Custom-designed soundscapes can significantly enhance the atmosphere and subtly yet powerfully influence the overall guest experience. The NOFO Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden has thought about it all. Including extraordinary soundscapes.

NOFO Hotel & Wine bar is a charming boutique hotel located in a listed building from the 18th century. With hotel rooms, corridors and lounge areas with different themes such as SOHO, Queens and Nordic Gallery, the hotel has become a capsule where you can visit different destinations and eras without leaving the Stockholm city center. Efterklang has created a holistic sound design concept to reinforce the visual themes and to inspire and evoke feelings. The sound design also functions as a powerful branding feature for the hotel. The sound experience is tailored for each area of the hotel and each theme, while at the same time having a conceptual red thread throughout the whole building. The goal is to create an inviting environment where visitors can let their shoulders down and enjoy their stay.

Sound as a décor

We wanted to reinforce and enhance the interior design and visual themes through sound design, because when we stimulate several senses at the same time, the sum of the experience becomes greater than the individual components. The experience starts at the entrance where all visitors are greeted by a magical soundscape and scent design inspired by an enchanted forest. The sound design combined with the interior design of plants and greenery works as a portal into an unknown and extraordinary world. It also adds a playful surprise at arrival and leaves a positive goodbye when the stay is over. This playful synergy between visual components and audio runs through the whole hotel.

Creative themes equal a creative sound design

The hotel area houses ten different themes – Moulin Rouge, Paris, Nordic Gallery, SOHO, Scandinavian Design, Carnaby Street, Upper East, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx – all with creative interior and creative sound design. How can we make the dazzling sounds of Belle Èpoque, Paris come to life? And how does the relaxed 60’s vibes in Nordic Gallery sound, or the busy Carnaby Street in London? We wanted to take the hotel guests on an auditory journey!


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