Minuendo Lossless Earplug

Minuendo Lossless Earplugs



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Musicians are most exposed to hearing damage and have the highest requirements for sound quality. Minuendo earplugs provide natural sound in a wide protective range of sound levels. The earplugs can variably decrease the level by 7 to 25dB with no frequency degradation. They come with a large range of ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit.


Minuendo earplugs were born out of a passion for protecting the ears of musicians and music lovers, who are disproportionately prone to hearing damage. By taking a purely acoustic approach to hearing protection, Minuendo brings control back to the listeners’ fingertips. The earplugs balance finely tuned acoustics with an inviting and flowing aesthetic into a product that not only protects but enhances the user’s sound experience.

Produced deep in the forests of Norway, Minuendo is taking the precision of injection molding to its physical limits. The emphasis on precise material use and minimal design keeps the product light and comfortable for all-day wear. Rather than the medical or purely functional aesthetic of many existing earplugs, Minuendo becomes a sophisticated accessory for the professional musician and concertgoer. With a subtle leash fastening eye and a hidden in plain sight snap-together magnet, losing your protection during a concert is a thing of the past.

The smooth outer surface guides all surrounding sounds like a horn into the ear through micrometer precise mechanics and finely tuned acoustic channels. Membrane technology that mimics nature works as a second eardrum and keeps the user protected with natural high-fidelity sound. Its rotating volume slider pays homage to old-school stereos and the nostalgic joy of music, while also giving it a seamless adjustment between light and heavy sound reduction.


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