Memory Lane- sessions

ISA2020 Sessions

Memory Lane – Saving life stories with voice AI



”Memory Lane” is the world’s first reversed voice assistant, developed with the purpose and aim to reduce loneliness amongst elderly in Stockholm. With conversational artificial intelligence this audio innovation offers not only companionship, it’s a personal biographer interviewing the users about their life stories and saving them for the future. In this session Alexander Kassberg (Lexter), Adam Kerj (Accenture Interactive Nordics) and Thomas Gibson (Stockholm Exergi) will give insights into the development, implementation and future of Memory Lane.

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Adam Kerj – Chief Creative Officer, Hjaltelin Stahl & Accenture Interactive Nordics

Adam believes that creativity is and will always be formula resistant, and ideas and experiences that advocates for real human beings, not customers, and make them look great is far more interesting than work that just try to make the brand itself look good. He’s constantly looking for ideas in the intersection where creativity, innovation and humanity collides because that’s where new elements are created that will push human experiences, brands, societal issues, culture and our ever-changing industry forward. Adam brings more than 25 years of experience partnering with world class brands and curious clients garnering over 100+ major international awards.

Thomas Gibson – Chief Marketing Officer, Stockholm Exergi

Thomas is appreciated for his commitment, curiosity and interest in communication and creative solutions. In his current role, he has made a big difference in the development of Stockholm Exergi’s branding and profile. Thomas also brings more than 20 years of experience working in leading positions with major brands at some of the best creative agencies in Sweden such as King, McCann and Åkestam Holst.




Alexander Kassberg – Head of Studio, Lexter Ljuddesign

Alexander Kassberg is head of studio at Lexter Ljuddesign and has worked professionally with commercial audio production in over a decade. Alexander is responsible for Lexter’s team of producers and is deeply experienced in bespoke audio production for different media and environments. Alexander has been part of multiple award winning sound design projects, including awards at the International Sound Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019. He is also active as a music producer and DJ, and as a board member at the renowned music production school Studio Blue in Stockholm.