Markus Bodden

21st of September 2016

Sound of E-Mobility.
What if your Porsche has no sound anymore?

Lecturer: Dr. Markus Bodden, neosonic


Sound is a fascinating component in automotive industries – it (in the ideal case) represents the Brand, it gives the required feedback for driving, and it touches the emotion of the driver. Electric vehicles miss all these aspects by default, but offer new challenging possibilities for automotive Sound Design. For the first time in automotive industries a stringent Brand Sound Strategy can be developed and implemented.

Within the workshop the following aspects will be addressed:

New requirements to automotive Sound Design

Sound Design is a common and well established technique in film and marketing industries. But, the application to driving vehicles requires different strategies and expertise. The sound is present for a much longer period of time, and has to follow the vehicle dynamics in order to be authentic.

Legal aspects

So-called “silent vehicles” will have to be forced by legislation to be equipped with exterior warning sounds. Automotive industries thus can no longer escape from generating sounds for electric vehicles. But, legal requirements put some restrictions on the generation of sounds. The impact on Sound Design will be discussed.

Automotive Brand Sound Strategy

Without active technologies, a stringent implementation of Brand Sound is an illusion. With active technologies, it can be achieved, but only if a stringent strategy is followed. This offers huge new perspectives to automotive industries, and to Sound Designers willing to enter a new field and to face new challenges

Process for successful automotive Sound Design

The requirements and processes in automotive industries are somehow special. The final Sound Design results has to drive all day long in vehicles, but can only be developed and tuned in limited time. Since we are still in the beginning phase of Sound Design for electric vehicles, the amount of experience on which sound aspects work and which do not is rather limited. The resulting Sound Design thus has to be flexible and has to offer complex structures – a variety of different sounds and sound components have to be created and linked to the dynamic vehicle behavior. Corresponding tools will be presented and demonstrated.

The workshop will be a vivid combination of presentations, discussions, and sound design examples.


Dr. Markus Bodden

Markus Bodden studied electrical engineering at Bochum University (Germany), specializing into the field of human auditory perception. Besides his work in the academic sector, he started to consult automotive industries in Sound Quality and Sound Design in his company Product Sound founded in 1994. He extended his work to Active Sound Design in the company neosonic which he founded together with Torsten Belschner.

neosonic is a pioneer in the field of Active Sound Design for automotive industries, covering the complete range from research, customer perception and Sound Design to the corresponding hard- and software implementations for tooling and vehicle series integration. The world’s first electric series vehicle with an interior sound generation (Mercedes AMG SLS Coupe ED) is equipped with the neosonic system and drives with a sound developed by neosonic.

Workshop Program 2016