License No.1 – the unique value of a first license

License No.1 – the unique value of a first license


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License No. 1



License No.1 is a pioneering music licensing company for advertising agencies, film production companies and music supervisors. We believe that like first-time experiences in life, a song’s first use carries unmatched emotional weight. By only licensing music for its first use, we enable the creation of unique, resonant experiences for audiences.


License No.1 – we appreciate the unique value of a first license.
We developed an online music streaming platform and signed music by artists, composers and record labels that were never licensed before. Our platform aims to provide a tailored experience for music searchers such as advertising agencies, film production companies, and music supervisors. Here’s a brief overview of what this includes:

  • Unparalleled Exclusivity: All our songs were never licensed before. Once a track is licensed, it retires from our collection, assuring your projects feature exclusively unique soundtracks. Instead of browsing Spotify for inspiration only to craft an echo, or reusing a song that’s worn from overplay, explore our original compositions, and seize the opportunity to be the client in licensing one of our fresh and untouched pieces
  • Pristine Quality: Our catalog features a vast array of genres, moods, and energy levels, with weekly releases from renowned artists, film composers and platinum-selling producers. We strive to expand our catalog in line with our clients’ needs. However, in contrast to other licensing platforms, our catalog will also organically downsize as licenses are sold. This approach ensures a consistently fresh listening environment, while simultaneously avoiding clutter from overused tracks.
  • Customization: Our talented team can adapt and enhance our music to perfectly fit your projects, ensuring a seamless integration with your visuals and messaging. This service effectively bridges the divide often filled by bespoke music composition, offering a seamless, high-quality auditory experience to complement your work.
  • Streaming Platform: Our platform, optimized for mobile use, provides the high-quality listening experience associated with premier streaming services. It’s specifically designed to cater to your unique requirements, empowering you to ‘like’ tracks, curate pitchlists, and reserve songs for your pitches, all within an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Simple licenses: One price covers all media for a specific duration, streamlining the licensing process and saving you time and effort.