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Kyrö Tasting Experience



The practical applications of science in art is one of Camerons core interests, as it straddles the realms of his education and interest and professional life. In his talk he will discuss his approach to creation, which is based on a process of Abstraction. This process was originally developed for the performance art world, but Cameron has been investigating its application to the world of music. This artistic approach coupled with the hard scientific knowledge lead to the development of the core concept of the Kyrö Tasting Experience. The background research and development was completed as part of a team effort at Audiodraft and some of the main scientific studies used in the application of this knowledge will be discussed. Audiodraft approached Kyrö Distillery Company with a concept and created an idea which they did not know they needed. This joint discovery and creation process will be discussed along with a walkthrough of how the main design requirements from Kyrö were translated into a working brief. And finally the finished product and production choices will be discussed, to show how hard science was translated into a soft consumable art.

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Cameron Murphy – Head of Production, Audiodraft

Cameron is the Head of Production at Audiodraft where he coordinates voice overs and music production for global brands. He is also a musician and performance artist who has worked on number of live productions in Berlin. Born in the Southwest of Ireland, Cameron moved to the continent after the financial crisis of 2008. He has worked with start ups in Berlin, Malta and Canada in roles ranging from brand management for core markets as well as special projects. Now working with Audiodraft, an audio branding start up in Helsinki, he has found a company and industry where his 14 years of creative and professional experience can be put to use helping companies use sound in a strategic and consistent way.

Teemu Yli-Hollo – CEO and Co-founder, Audiodraft

Teemu Yli-Hollo is the CEO and Co-founder of Audiodraft, the global audio branding service. Audiodraft’s analytical approach combines technology and creativity with market insight and high-quality audio to make brands stand out and get heard. Audiodraft works with brands, advertising agencies and production companies around the world and represents 20,000+ composers and audio professionals from more than hundred countries. With 200+ audio branding specialists and over 30,000+ tracks worth of experience with global clients, Audiodraft has created a model and platform that has redefined how brands are built, how audio is produced and used in advertising, film, and TV. After working in advertising for 3 years, Teemu co-founded Audiodraft in 2010 while finalizing his university studies in media technology and content production. This young, cosmopolitan, media professional is also a rap artist who combines three of his passions at Audiodraft: music, technology, and advertising.