Yearbook 2014/2015

Audio Branding Yearbook 2014/2015


Experts from 19 countries and 5 continents were present at the 6th annual Audio Branding Congress with its international Audio Branding Awards 2015 at the Humboldt University Berlin. At the Award Day the finalists of the Awards, selected by an international expert jury, presented their Best Practice Cases to the international expert audience. The winners were announced at an Award gala in the evening.

At the Academy Day, four half-day workshops with education opportunities for newcomers and professionals were offered. Topics included basics of audio branding, licensing and legal matters and testing music in advertising.

In this Yearbook you will find the proceedings of the Audio Branding Awards. It contains a comprehensive summary article, award case studies, articles about licensing and legal matters, testing music in advertising and music and return on investment.

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